About Black & White

About Us

We break free into this powerhouse of ideation on a constant basis and empower ourselves each day. On our wayback, we walk through the pathway that's laid with reason, sensibilities, aesthetics and the inherent need to communicate well.

On the other end of the spectrum is a world we wish to wow. It comprises of people we wish to reach out to. It's aworld where both, business and individual needs and tastes vary constantly and sometimes, defying every conceivable logic! It's a challenge we love.

And to meet this challenge in the world of communication we've made an honest attempt to provide clear solutions through all that we conceive, design and create.

It's this single line of thought that best describes Black & White.










Design & Print

There's always a minimal brief and sometimes, there's a detailed one. Either ways, we continuously scribble and perfect our designs to give a wide range of print paraphernalia to suit every industry we deal with. And we have the capability to actually print and deliver them in the quickest possible time!

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, strategy needs to be in place well in advance. We thoroughly study your tactical plan, conduct a competitive analysis and work towards enabling your plan achieve the desired results. To keep it short, we've sharpened our senses to know what clicks!


It's just not about the thematic and vibrant templates we design. It's more about the full circle of services we offer in terms of planning, business intelligence, an innovative approach, product promotion and maintenance of the websites we create apart from every conceivable offering on the e-Media.

UX Design

There are various design principles that come together to create an user's experience when using a product or service. We make a sincere attempt to understand and integrate these into the interfaces We create.


Information Technology

  • Redpine Signals
  • Tecnics Integration Technologies
  • Magnus Consulting Solutions
  • Nisum Consulting
  • Millennium Technologies
  • Cyber Safe Technologies
  • Millennium Technosoft
  • Vibrant Technologies


  • Seven Pharma Labs
  • Hetero Drugs
  • Rampex Labs
  • Alberta Research Chemicals
  • Garphi BioSciences
  • Dexter Labs
  • Amarox Pharms
  • BioDoz Therapeutics
  • Reciphar Pharma

Construction & Infra

  • Xenfive Constructions
  • Nestcon Builders
  • Whynn Homes
  • Sahiti Constructions
  • Devi Homes
  • Ramky Infra
  • Vedamsa Infra
  • Bheman Infra

Healthcare & Hospitals

  • Sreshta Hospitals
  • Sresta Diagnostics
  • Maa ENT Hospitals


  • Sagar Group of Educations Institutions
  • KPRIT Institute of Technology
  • Phoenix Greens
  • Sreenidhi International School

Food & Beverage

  • Little India Restaurant
  • Khan Saab Restaurant
  • Cuba Libre Pub
  • Lunchwale

Media & Institutions

  • Advertising Club Hyderabad
  • Green Gold Academy
  • Arena Multimedia
  • Temple of Arts


  • Salarjung Museum
  • Jaagruthi Group
  • Chakra Charitable Trust
  • Voice of Indian Emigrants


  • All
  • Design & Print
  • Digital Marketing
  • Emedia
  • UX Design